Terms & Conditions


  1. The Specifications of hardware, networking and equipment are given for guidance only.
  2. Higher configuration equipment can be installed/provided based on the requirement. The present system may be studied in detail by the bidders for thorough understanding of the project.
  3. Tax Deduction at Source (Income Tax) as per the provisions of Income Tax Act would be made from the commission payable.
  4. The facilitator has to replace any of the persons engaged by him as suggested by the Corporation in case of inefficiency, improper behavior, excess collection of amount over and above tariff, improper billing or any other factor which will be affecting the performance of Parcel and Courier business, within one month of issuing notice.
  5. The Business Facilitator shall not appoint other firms / agencies / individuals as subFacilitators to man booking counters. Further, the Business Facilitator shall not sublease or sublet the contract. This violation will attract forfeiture of Security deposit and cancellation of agreement.
  6. The KSRTC reserves the right to disallow entry of any persons engaged or authorized by the facilitator to enter into any Bus Station or premises.
  7. The workers of the facilitator shall not be treated as employees of Corporation in any case and the facilitator will be solely responsible for their affairs and will be under obligation to comply with the statutory obligation. These workers will have no claim whatsoever, to be treated as employees of the Corporation.
  8. The required stationery for Receipts will be supplied by KSRTC. The Facilitator is accountable for all the stationery supplied to him. Other stationery such as computer Stationery, Registers, Files, white papers etc. should be arranged by the Facilitator.
  9. The Corporation shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the Facilitator, his / her customers, bankers, financial institutions, personnel engaged by the Facilitator, or any other person connected to the business of the Facilitator.
  10. After expiry of the contract period the Facilitator can take away all the equipment installed by him i.e. facilitator’s hardware, furniture, fixtures etc., only after clearing all pending dues to KSRTC. 10. The Corporation shall not be responsible for any loss and / or damage to wear and tear of the equipment of the facilitator, if any, for any reason whatsoever, during the contract period.
  11. The number of counters can be increased or reduced on mutual consent.
  12. The Facilitator shall indemnify the Corporation from any claims made by any authority and reimburse the same in case any payments are made by the Corporation.
  13. The business shall be carried out only on the name/firm whose bid was successful. During the course of contract, the Facilitator shall not be allowed to change the name of the Agency or to transfer the Agency.
  14. The KSRTC reserves the right to add/modify any of the terms and conditions while entering in to agreement, and also during the contract period with due notice. The Facilitator have to abide by the conditions modified/incorporated and has to enter into a fresh agreement/supplementary agreement with the Corporation at his own cost.
  15. The identification and allotment of accommodation/counters is at the discretion of corporation. The decision of KSRTC authorities is final in allotment of accommodation/counters.

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